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Hot Water problem? Freecall Plumbing has been providing both homeowners and businesses with the best in hot water system solutions for over 30 years.

Our Hills district plumbers can give you an honest assessment to enable you to choose the right water heater to meet your specific requirements.  Whether you are just replacing your existing hot water system or building a new home.  With the full range of every major trusted brand available to us, we can supply and install the best hot water system for you.

Freecall Plumbing offer all types and brands of hot water systems that include:

  • Rheem Hot Water
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Instantaneous Hot Water Systems
  • Aquamax Water Heaters
  • Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water
  • Vulcan Water Systems
  • Electric Hot Water Systems

Which Hot Water System Should I Choose?

With such a wide range of systems available to select from its vitally important to have the best advice from highly experienced professionals when it comes to the installation of a hot water system in your Hills District property.  Things to consider when making the decision are the budget you have available, your family size, the climate, your efficiency requirements and a great deal more besides.  Our hot water plumbers consider household energy savings, recent advances in technologies and environmental factors to help you reach the right decision.  Of course, you may already have made your purchase and if that’s the case, we can install your new hot water system, efficiently and very cost effectively.

Electric Hot Water systems

Although Electric hot water systems usually have the highest running costs, they are very reliable and will generally cost less up front.  If this system suits you, it might be wise to check for off-peak tariffs that could potentially be available to you.

Gas Hot Water Systems

These are an eco-friendlier choice due to the fact they produce less greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric systems.  They compare well against electric systems in terms of running costs. 

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water systems are remarkable in that they can reduce your hot water systems consumption by up to 90% which is a huge saving on your utility bills.  Although a solar hot water system is going to cost you significantly more in upfront costs, you will save money every month due to the low running costs.

Heat Pump hot Water Systems

In warm climates, this system is a very good bet.  It’s a newer and more efficient type of electric water heater and will use just a third of the electricity that a normal electric hot water system would use.  These systems have been developed to extract heat from the air which is then used to heat the hot water tank.  They are also designed to work in cooler climates too.

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