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Environmental Protection Water Services

Freecall Plumbing provides expert consulting services for environmental protection water services. Our team of plumbing professionals will provide public and private sector clients with cost-effective solutions in order to address water supply.

Our Hills District Plumbers are aware of the protection of the environment. We opt for eco-friendly services and supplies.

  • We provide reliable and consistent water supply
  • We invest in the privatisation of waste water industries in the Hills District
  • We are the leading private sector supplier of quality potable water at sustainable and competitive prices.

Freecall Plumbing supply water for sanitation, washing, crops, gardens, fisheries, and small- and large-scale enterprises. Our water services are also available for domestic purposes or irrigation.  We will provide you with the water that you need for productive and healthy lives.

We specialise in consumable items to produce high purity water for industries. Our goal is to help you by starting with raw feed water analysis in order to enhance the efficiency of your existing systems.

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We offer professional and prompt plumbing services in the Hills District and the surrounding areas.

Our team is highly trained, knowledgeable and equipped to deal with any type of plumbing work.

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